How To Repair an Aluminum Coil with Lucas Milhaupt AL822

Posted by Bob Cristan on Jun 23, 2023
Aluminum condensers and evaporators are now found extensively in the HVAC/R field. For installation and repairs, Lucas Milhaupt has the product to get the job done right. Our AL822 is a zinc/ aluminum rod with a flux core, so no separate fluxing step is required. It can be used to both join and ...
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Your Industry-Specific Brazing Solutions

Posted by Lucas-Milhaupt Brazing Experts on Apr 12, 2017
You want brazing solutions designed for your needs – whether you are manufacturing air conditioning systems for automobiles or highly sensitive jet turbine blades or even components for satellites. Find out which brazing alloys and consumables meet your specific needs. Lucas Milhaupt has over 75 ...
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Copper Tubing Braze Alloy Usage Calculator

Posted by Lucas-Milhaupt Brazing Experts on Apr 6, 2016
The new Lucas-Milhaupt® calculator makes it easy and convenient to estimate the amount of braze alloy or solder alloy required for plumbing or HVACR applications. How can you use this online tool? Increase accuracy of estimating the amount of alloy you need-in readily available sizes-for common ...
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Brazing Components for Refrigeration

Posted by Lucas-Milhaupt Brazing Experts on Sep 24, 2015
Brazing Components for Refrigeration Today, we address correct brazing alloys as well as proper brazing methods for refrigeration components. Our main topics are: Alloy selection Gas and torch selection Brazing method Nitrogen purge System evacuation and charge Remember, brazing in the HVAC/R ...
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Torch Brazing with Pre-formed Rings vs. Hand-fed Rods

Posted by Lucas-Milhaupt Brazing Experts on Jul 1, 2015
Lucas-Milhaupt performed a study on the performance of braze filler metal rings against the performance of hand-fed filler metal rods. We used three heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) industry-standard tube sizes. Five trained and certified technicians helped ...
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Copper-Phosphorous Alloys for Copper Brazing

Posted by Lucas-Milhaupt Brazing Experts on Dec 9, 2014
Copper-Phosphorous Alloys for Copper Brazing The alloys copper-phosphorous and silver-copper-phosphorous were patented in the U.S. in 1914 and gained popularity when new refrigerants were developed to replace ammonia. These refrigerants enabled the use of copper to facilitate the increased demand ...
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Materials Calculators Blog

Posted by Lucas-Milhaupt Brazing Experts on Nov 14, 2014
Lucas-Milhaupt Materials Calculators Materials questions? We can help. When ordering alloys, you may have the dimensions or length of a braze joint, but many products are sold by weight. How much should you order? Or, conversely, you may know the mass/weight, but need the length. Our calculators ...
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Protecting Aluminum-Copper HVAC/R Joints

Posted by Lucas-Milhaupt Brazing Experts on May 15, 2014
Aluminum-Copper HVAC Protection The HVAC/Refrigeration industry is converting many components from copper to aluminum. The reasons? Aluminum is less expensive by weight, is more corrosion resistant, weighs less, and maintains similar heat-transfer rates to copper. These aluminum parts are joined to ...
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Solders for Potable Water

Posted by Lucas-Milhaupt Brazing Experts on Apr 14, 2014
Solders for Potable Water The U.S. Federal Clean Drinking Water Act limited the amount of lead (Pb) in solder to less than 0.2% for potable water systems. Shortly afterward, a new solder alloy was introduced to the plumbing industry for joining copper (Cu) potable-water lines. The alloy, which is ...
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Washer Calculation

Posted by Lucas-Milhaupt Brazing Experts on Dec 16, 2013
Ring vs. Washer Both rings and washers are preform shapes used for brazing. For smaller parts with relatively small joint volume and lap area, either a washer or ring may be used (Figure 1). Both washers and rings can be circular in shape; however, their cross sections will always differ in shape. ...
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