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Posted by Lucas-Milhaupt Brazing Experts on Apr 12, 2017

You want brazing solutions designed for your needs – whether you are manufacturing air conditioning systems for automobiles or highly sensitive jet turbine blades or even components for satellites. Find out which brazing alloys and consumables meet your specific needs.

Lucas Milhaupt has over 75 years of brazing experience serving multiple commercial industry sectors. Let’s look at the solutions designed for these specific purposes, typically chosen based on factors including metals being joined, environmental conditions, and brazing method.


For the electronics and electrical industries, manufacturers need high purity soldering alloys for joining applications in microelectronics packaging and brazing alloys to be used as contacts and filler metals for the assembly of electrical components:

  • Electronic packaging
  • Waveguides
  • Fuses and contacts
  • Electrical motors

Lucas Milhaupt High Purity Alloys include the Premabraze Product Family of alloys which are used in the packaging of microelectronics and electronic components that require low vapor pressure elements such as in the assembly of waveguides used in commercial and military radar communications.

Our Silvaloy® 999 is a 99.95% Silver filler metal used in strip and wire form as a fuse element in electrical applications. You can use Sil-Fos® 15 and Silvaloy 560 as a filler metal to join electric motor rotor bars when manufacturing large electric motors for locomotives and heavy machinery. Sil-Fos 15 is also a common filler metal for resistance brazing copper electrical components because of it's ease of ease of use.

Transportation Aerospace

We work with many clients in the aerospace industry who manufacture a full range of components:

  • Fuel lines
  • Turbine blades
  • Aluminum components

When brazing jet turbine blades, consider Hi-Temp brazing filler metals. For certain components of a jet engine, Premabraze high-percentage gold and palladium brazing filler metals offer a higher melting temperature and higher corrosion resistance than nickel-based brazing filler metals.

Aluminum aircraft components for the commercial and military/defense sector are brazed with aluminum filler metals. These components are joined in a process called dip brazing, where aluminum filler metal preforms or Handy Alumibraze paste is applied to the part assembly prior to being dipped in a molten salt bath for brazing.

Transportation Automotive

  • A/C systems (A/C lines and radiator coils)
  • Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) coolers in diesel engines
  • Fuel Lines

You can use aluminum filler metals such as Handy One® AL 718 to braze aluminum air conditioning and heating components. These components are joined with preform rings cored with non-corrosive flux to provide a single flux and filler metal combination for efficient automated brazing. For machined surfaces, flux-coated Alumicote® washers also provide one single product for brazing components.  

Choose Handy One Silvaloy 505 as a pre-form ring to join stainless steel fuel lines and bellows assemblies to oil pans. This filler metal also serves as a washer or a shim preform for joining the brackets and valves of the fuel lines to other components of the fuel system. Our CDA 110, CDA 102 and CDA 101 are products of choice for pure copper brazing of stainless steel fuel rails and fuel injectors used in automobile engines. 

In manufacturing diesel engines, many clients braze EGR coolers with Hi-Temp® filler metals, including Hi-Temp 820 and 970. The high melting temperature, nickel-based filler metals are valuable for their corrosion resistance and high service temperature characteristics.  

Appliances HVAC 

One of the largest industries requiring brazing filler metals and consumables is the commercial and residential appliance market. Products range from industrial rooftop chillers for grocery stores to residential air conditioning units.

• Residential and industrial air conditioners

• Chillers

When brazing aluminum to aluminum components, use our Handy One AL 718 flux cored product. This is an all-in-one aluminum filler metal and flux solution that does not require a separate application of flux with the brazing filler metal.

Appliances Refrigeration

• Refrigerators

• Ice machines

• Custom serving equipment

For this application, we recommend silver Handy One products to join copper and steel refrigeration piping together in an all-in-one product, eliminating the need to apply braze filler metal and flux separately.


Manufacturers serving the construction industry braze many components containing carbide:

• Concrete and stone cutting tools 

• Carbide-tipped saw blades 

• Valves for oil and gas exploration

• Carbide machining parts

• Mining and impact tools

For these applications, you may need consumables such as Silvaloy 495 and Silvaloy 505 preforms as well as flux-coated alloy preforms. Silvaloy 495 and Silvaloy 505 are the most common filler metals used in carbide brazing due to their enhanced wetting ability on carbide surfaces.


You want brazing solutions designed for your needs – whether you are manufacturing air conditioning systems for automobiles or highly sensitive jet turbine blades or even components for satellites. Make sure you have the right brazing solutions for your industry application. Please contact the Lucas-Milhaupt Technical Services Department for further recommendations on the best brazing products for your needs. 

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