Your Industry-Specific Brazing Solutions

Posted by Lucas-Milhaupt Brazing Experts on Apr 12, 2017
You want brazing solutions designed for your needs – whether you are manufacturing air conditioning systems for automobiles or highly sensitive jet turbine blades or even components for satellites. Find out which brazing alloys and consumables meet your specific needs. Lucas Milhaupt has over 75 ...
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Topics: Aerospace, Automotive, HVAC/R, Electrical, Electronics

Materials Calculators Blog

Posted by Lucas-Milhaupt Brazing Experts on Nov 14, 2014
Lucas-Milhaupt Materials Calculators Materials questions? We can help. When ordering alloys, you may have the dimensions or length of a braze joint, but many products are sold by weight. How much should you order? Or, conversely, you may know the mass/weight, but need the length. Our calculators ...
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Topics: Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, HVAC/R, Electrical, Electronics, Oil & Gas